‘HearUs’ Afghan Women’s Summit

​The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation is organizing the HearUs Afghan Women’s Summit in Madrid on February 28, a platform of collaboration networks to respond to the needs of women who have arrived in Europe and those who they have stayed there.

Afghan women, representatives of the European institutions and the United Nations, Spanish politicians and politicians, Spanish businessmen and businesswomen and civil society organizations are going to agree on a series of measures aimed at facilitating their professional integration in the host countries, ensuring that their opinion is taken into account in humanitarian response programs and ensure their active participation in the Women, Peace and Security agenda.

Although the current crisis of Afghan women is the main focus and reason for this project, their experience in exile and the challenges they face when integrating into Western societies can be the starting point for a system of global asylum, capable of receiving other cases of exiled women in the future.

BY Nadeem Faisal Baiga