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About Us:

Among the major publications of Times Media Group is the popular International current affair monthly in English, the Modern Muslim Digest, arguably among the foremost in this type of publishing in Pakistan. This magazine is being brought out regularly by since 2007.

The magazine also carries authentic Islamic material for the Western world and western-educated and/or West-influenced youth, presented in a creative manner, while yet highlighting the beliefs of the earliest predecessors and an understanding of the Qur’an on the pattern of the great majority of Islamic scholars of the past, and of those prominent down to the present age. In view of the authentic nature of its contents, the magazine is most famous in the West.

Besides the regular, monthly, production of the Modern Muslim Digest, Times media Media Group has quite a few other  titles to its credit Weekly  The Times Union and monthly Magazine The Squash . Each one of these publication offer authentic material and cover topics that are not normally covered by other publishers

Our Team

Our editorial team is comprised of writers, editors, and contributors with extensive professional experience in their fields of expertise. We share a journalistic commitment to provide clear, practical advice that helps families lead healthy, wealthy, and wise lives.


Nadeem Faisal Baiga

Executive Editor.

Saeed Afzal Chughtai

Editorial Assistant

Ishaq Ahmed

Senior Sports Editor

Muhammad Hussain

Asst. Sports Editor

Bilal Nasrullah Khan

Assistant Creative Editor

Muhammad Ali Kazmi

Web Master

Muhammad Attzaz Khan

Digital Photo Editor

Muhammad Ali

Digital Photo Editor

Shahbaz Hussain